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Root Canal Treatment And Tooth Pain

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or RCT is the procedure done to clean the infected tooth and roots. Infection of tooth crown and root may lead to pain. If the tooth is left untreated, infection may travel to adjacent bone and gums. One should hence never ignore tooth cavities.

To understand what is root canal treatment we will first need to understand the tooth structure. Each tooth consists of three layers, enamel, dentine and pulp. Start of cavity occurs at the outer most layer that is the enamel and gradually moves inwards into dentin then pulp. Cavity occurs due to bacteria attacking the tooth structure. As soon as bacterial reach innermost layer of the tooth that is pulp there is emmense pain. Pulp is recieves it’s nerve supply via root canals. So if there is pain, bacteria have most probably reached pulp and root canals. They need to be thoroughly cleaned by root canal treatment (RCT). Infected parts of tooth structure and removed and replaced with dental fillings. After RCT a crown is mandatory to provide strength to the affected tooth. 

Root Canal Treatment
Life of a RCT treated tooth may be as long as any normal tooth as long as patient takes good care of oral hygiene. Success rate of RCT is quite high. At De-toto we value your time and try to finish your RCT in a single visit. Equipped with latest endomotors, digital X Rays and apex locators, your experience of RCT is painless and quick. Our doctors have immense experience to take care of your teeth. One should not ignore cavities or dental pain otherwise the tooth may get damaged beyond repair and pulling out the tooth may be the only option.

Does it pain during RCT?

A root canal treatment is done to relieve dental pain. The entire process if carried under anaesthesia (i.e your tooth and gums are made numb), so that patient does not feel any pain.

Is root canal treatment a good option? Will it be successful?

Yes, root canal treatment is the best option to save a tooth. It is a very safe procedure and is being done world wide since almost two centuries now! Success rate of RCT is quite high.

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