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De-toto is a short form for Dentistry in Totality. Coupled with ultra modern technology De-toto offers all possible dental treatment options in the most customized and patient friendly approach. Centrally located in Indira Nagar, near polytechnic, we are one of the largest dental centre in Lucknow with a carpet area of more than 4000sqft. We cater to all dental needs from simple to complex and have specialist and super specialist dentists working under one roof.  We are the only dental centre with in house operation theatres for dental trauma and patient admission facility. We offer specialized smile designing using latest digital armamentarium.

Simply put- we are your smile experts… Why choose any dentist when your smile needs to be carefully crafted by specialist dentists.  Welcome to the best dental clinic in Lucknow!

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Why Choose Braces Over Crowns For Smile Designing

While smile correction can be quickly achieved by means of crowns or veneers, it might not be the best means to get your smile corrected. Dental braces slowly moves your entire teeth along with their roots to their correct position in mouth. This is not possible by crowns. Moderate to complex cases are not possible by crowns at all. So you should always consider dental braces over any other means to get your smile designed. You should have at least 8-10 months for this process. Slow and steady wins the race!

De-toto Dental and braces centre is the leading centre for orthodontics or dental braces not only in Lucknow but in Uttar Pradesh. Our team of orthodontist makes sure that your dental braces journey is the most comfortable and hygienic. 24*7 assistance at the clinic.

Why Choose Us?

Getting your smile corrected is not a quick fix. It is a highly specialized field of dental science which involves making your teeth move in your jaw bone in the most biological manner. Smile designing by dental braces involves years of additional qualification over a dental degree and years of experience in order to be done correctly. 

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