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Missing tooth replacement services. What are the options?

Teeth are precious organs gifted by nature. The role and importance of having a good teeth set cannot be overemphasized. Even a single tooth that gets lost needs replacement. One may have a single tooth missing or may have multiple missing teeth or the entire tooth set may have been lost. Replacement of lost teeth has many options and requires careful treatment planning and discussion with the doctor. It has financial and emotional aspects which are a very important part of discussion with the patient while we are suggesting a treatment plan. There are the following options which are currently available

Missing tooth replacement

Removable dentures:

Very basic type of tooth replacement option, is generally used when cost is the major concern or in certain cases where fixed teeth can’t be given at all due to factors like age or less bone availability or adjacent teeth and gums being weak. Can be given for single or multiple teeth. Main advantage is that they are usually it is quick and economical. Drawbacks are emmense starting from resorbtion of underlying gums and bone and being stable and retentive. Basically of two types: hard and flexible. Flexible dentures can be used if patient has severe undercuts. They are generally more comfortable than the hard ones. Hard ones are preferred in complete dentures.
Removable dentures


Commonly referred to as ‘bridges’, they are actually fixed partial dentures. They mimic lost teeth very closely both in looks and function. Major advantage is that they are fixed and do not required to be taken off at all. Support of adjacent teeth needs to be taken so adjacent teeth need to be healthy and sound. If properly maintained by the patient, they may give service for many years. They were considered best treatment modality to replace missing teeth before the coming up of dental implants.
Dental Bridges

Dental Implants In Lucknow:

Considered as gold standard of teeth replacement now, dental implants are the best option for anyone looking for replacement of missing teeth. A dental implant is a device made up of extremely safe titanium which mimics tooth root. It is placed inside the gums in the bone and offers a firm base for replacement of missing teeth without using support from any adjacent teeth. Single tooth to multiple teeth, all can be replaced by implants. Number of implants to be placed depends on the number of teeth to be replaced and condition of the underlying bone. A variety of dentures can be designed on dental implants. Scientific literature to back their use, efficacy and safety is widely available and dental implants are being done for almost a century now.
There are two broad categories of dental implants. Conventional and basal implants. While conventional implants are placed in the upper relatively soft bone, basal implants anchor basal (base) bone which is much harder. Hence conventional implants have a long healing time, say from 3 months to around 6-7 months while most basal implants can be loaded immediately.

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Q. Can you replace a missing tooth without an implant?

Yes it is possible by using non-Implant device(Fixed bridge) to replace it with one tooth.

Q. How much does it cost to replace a missing molar?

To replace a molar it can cost to 30,000 to 750000 rupees .