Cost of teeth braces in Lucknow

The Latest Technology for Braces Solutions – Cost of Teeth Braces In Lucknow

Everyone desires a perfect smile. Perfectly aligned teeth not only make you more attractive and boost your confidence but also help to maintain oral hygiene. Alignment of teeth can be achieved by getting treated by a dentist who specialized in dental braces treatment.

Go through this article if you seriously want to know why is there a difference in the cost of dental braces. De toto dental clinic has the best cost of teeth braces in Lucknow

Before talking about the cost of teeth braces the most important thing to understand is that the dental specialist who is qualified and authorized for performing dental braces treatment is called an orthodontist.

The cost of braces depends on the following three factors:

1. Severity of malalignment of teeth
2. Type of braces chosen
3. Clinic factors

1 Metal Range 30,000 – 55,000
2 Ceramic / Tooth Coloured Range 40,000 – 60,000
1 Metal Range 50,000 – 75,000
2 Ceramic/Tooth Coloured Range 65,000 – 85,000
3 Damon Metal 75,000 Onwards
4 Demon Ceramic 85,000 Onwards
1 Aligners Invisalign/R-Line Etc. Range 1,00,000 – 3,50,000
2 Lingual 1,20,000 Onwards

Like in any product/appliance we use there is worldwide research and development going on, therefore everyday technology is advancing. Similarly in the field of dental braces or orthodontics newer technology is making its way. Contact orthodontist in Lucknow. 

Conventional braces are the regular dental braces which are still used widely to align teeth. Conventional braces also have less visible ceramic or tooth-coloured braces. 

New age dental braces have removed some of the short comings of conventional braces. Self-ligating brackets have reduced friction and eliminated the use of elastic ligatures around brackets- making dental braces treatment more hygienic and slightly faster. 

Advanced dental braces like aligners are totally designed by CAD CAM technology where the end result can be seen by the patient from the very beginning on advanced computer software. Aligners are the latest trend in invisible orthodontics.

The best judge to tell you about the type of dental braces that will suit you is your orthodontist. Your orthodontist has spent more than eight years of time gaining the qualification of dental braces and many years of experience to handle dental braces treatment. Your orthodontist will surely give you the best smile that you deserve.

Contact orthodontist in Lucknow. Orthodontists in Lucknow offer braces on easy instalments.


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